DVI to USB Screen Capture from Your Computer, iPad, or iPhone

Epiphan VGA and DVI to USB Capture Devices

If you are trying to capture from DVI to USB screen capture device.  VGA or DVI, there is no better device than Epiphan’s DVI2USB3. We have been in the screen capture business for over ten years. We have found Epiphan’s products to be the best.  We have been using the VGA2USB LR devices for most of that time. Recently, we have needed to capture from HD sources.  The DVI2USB3 screen recorder has been great!  These two devices are definitely the best video screen capture devices you will find on the market!

Apple iPad and iPhone Screen Capture

Capturing from a computer screen is easy enough.  What if you wanted to record an iPad or iPhone?  What most people don’t realize is that the DVI2USB Solo is an ideal product for this. Why?  If you have an Apple iPad HDMI adaptor, it will output a full resolution HD signal (1920×1280).  The standard iPad VGA adaptor will only output 1024×768.

Screen Capture Software

There are many options when it comes to screen capture software.  While Epiphan has its own capture software, the devices are compatible with DirectShow on Windows and QuickTime on Mac OS X, which allows third-party applications to use the capture devices as a video input. Here’s a brief list of compatible applications:

  • Wirecast
  • Flash Media Live Encoder
  • Microsoft Media Encoder
  • VLC
  • Skype
  • Final Cut Pro 7

While capture software, like Camtasia and Screenflow, is great for capturing personal computer screens, it’s not always ideal is you need to capture a screen on a computer you can’t install software onto. In some cases, you can use the frame grabber as a additional input source for these applications. Discount Prices We have a large inventory of Epiphan capture devices, which have been used once, in most cases.  This is because we have to scale up for large events.  When the events are over, we sell the units to rotate our inventory of devices. Each Epiphan unit we sell comes with a money back guarantee if it is not working as advertised.